Agency pens new memorandum of understanding with vendor despite continuing licensing worries

Becta signs deal with Microsoft

Despite it recently attempting to refer its quarrel over licensing issues and interoperability with competitor’s programs, UK government education procurement agency Becta has extended its memorandum of understanding with Microsoft, in a move that will see schools and other educational institutions finally able to upgrade their systems to the firm’s new OS and production software.

The agency announced the move, which will see Microsoft supply software for a further three years to the UK’s various educational institutions.

On the licensing issue, a spokeswoman for the agency told The Inquirer‘s Mark Ballard: "We have secured another three-year memorandum of understanding, bit the licensing issues are continuing."

"Because we were having negotiations with Microsoft regarding licensing issues, it was difficult to secure another three-year MOU."

Microsoft said in a written statement: "We have been in regular dialogue with Becta and are fully supportive of the agency’s approach and the extension of the MoU.

"Whilst only a small proportion of school’s ICT spend is on software, the MoU makes a valuable contribution to education costs for schools who choose Microsoft software."

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