Firm blames partners for ignoring instruction on loading Intel XP images onto AMD machines

Microsoft blames vendors for SP3 problems

Microsoft has blamed its OEM partners for problems relating to its recent SP3 release, suggesting that they ignored its advice to be careful not to install the wrong XP image onto AMD machines.

The problem, which firm emerged with the launch of SP2, is apparently caused when an OEM loads the wrong Sysprepped XP image onto machines with non-Intel-based chipsets, such as AMD-based machines.

"Microsoft is aware of a reboot issue experienced by some users who have attempted to install Windows XP SP3," said a Microsoft spokesman told the Channel Register‘s Kelly Fiveash. "While the root cause of this issue is complex, it results from OEMs improperly placing a Windows XP image created for an Intel-based computer onto machines with non-Intel chipsets.

"Microsoft issued guidance to OEMs advising them to only load Windows XP images onto like hardware in 2004."

AMD confirmed the cause of the problem to the site, echoing Microsoft.

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