eSys VP says lack of space in notebooks and ease of use is fuelling demand for portable HDDs

Laptops drive HDD boom

The recent boom in laptop computers is having a knock-on affect on sales of portable hard drives as owners rapidly realise the limitations of their new computers, according to eSys’ vice president of EMEA Nigel Edwards.

Speaking to PC Retail, Edwards said: "The massive growth in notebook sales are driving a boom in portable hard drives. It’s all down to the hard drives that are supplied in today’s laptops not being great.

"It’s mainly because the capacity is tiny in comparison to desktops and, of course, it helps that you can get portable hard drive that are three, four times the size of the one included in their new laptop that can easily fit in their back pocket."

However, he said that their general ease of use and plug and play nature also made them attractive to those who have less mobile computers. "Even with desktops, as well as laptops, the fact that they are a lot easier to use than OEM drives – literally plug and play – makes them extremely attractive to consumers. OEM is still the bulk of our business, but portable storage – hard disks and optical media – are a fast growing part of it."

And when asked just how much of an impact the boom in portable hard drives was having on his company, Edwards added: "Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen constant growth of over 30 per cent per annum."

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