Assembly related costs could drive hike in laptop price tags

Laptops face price jump

The increasing manufacturing costs and scarcity of raw materials for laptop PCs could drive higher prices by the end of the quarter.

Contract assemblers Quanta, Compal and Wistron are in discussions with Dell, Acer and HP to regarding the likely effects of rising assembly costs and price of cobalt, copper, nickel and plastic.

Compal chief executive Ray Chen is reported to have said at an investors conference that he expected the cost to vendors to increase this quarter, and the price hike will be noticed by consumers shortly afterwards.

“We are facing heavier pressure this quarter from our component suppliers, who are requesting price hikes, we are seeing this happening lately,” he said. “We are in close talks with our customers about price adjustments to pass on rising component prices at a proper time and we have some confidence."

Link: CRN

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