Report finds its stores give it leading edge, as indies proclaimed 'even better'

Apple scores high on customer service

Apple has emerged as the best vendor for support according to a survey carried out by Consumer Reports.

It asked 10,000 computer owners – more than 4,500 laptop owners and just under 5,600 desktop owners – to rate the level of service they had received after contacting their respective manufacturer’s support lines.

Apple came out top, scoring 83 from laptop owners and 81 on the desktop side. According to the report, scores of over 80 mean respondents were very satisfied with the level of service they received. Apple was the only vendor to achieve that score.

Its nearest rival in terms of laptops was Lenovo, which scored 66. On the desktop side, it was Dell with 60.

One area that Apple scored particularly well in was its walk in service provided in its retail stores. Respondents said that it managed to solve problems 90 per cent of the time.

However, Apple et al weren’t the only firms to receive credit. Specialists and independents were found to handle repairs better than manufacturers via their support lines.

Among the best were: "Circuit City’s Firedog for example, or the Geek Squad at Best Buy," however, associate editor at Consumer Reports, Donna Tapellini added: "Independent computer retailers were even better."

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