Though internet access remains out of bounds for communist residents

CUBA: PC sales legalised at last

Residents of communist state Cuba have for the first time today been able to legally buy personal computers, the BBC reports.

However, a general public ban on internet access remains in place – with limited surfing allowed only in schools, universities and a select number of workplaces.

In reality, PC use still remains out of bounds for many residents, with the first machines to hit the market costing £400 – the average monthly Cuban wage is about £10.

The lifting of the PC ban is the latest change to be integrated in the region since Raul Castro became president following the ill-health of famous brother Fidel. Recent weeks have seen the likes of mobile phones and DVD players hit the market for the first time.

Cuba claims to be in the process of laying a new cable under the Caribbean to facilitate future internet access – though the general accessibility of this access remains unclear. However, it also claims that current US trade embargos are preventing progress.

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