Currys stores to trial new games classifications in wake of Byron Review

DSGi unveils own game age rating system

DSGi-owned electrical retailer Currys is planning to place its own age ratings on video games sold through its stores, reported PC Retail’s sister site MCV.

The chain wants to ‘establish a customer panel who will rate the games on how fun, suitable and challenging they are’.

Sky reports that the sticky labels will feature a "squabble-ometer" and a laughter scale.

The move comes after Dr Tanya Byron’s Review into the industry found that parents can find the current dual PEGI/BBFC ratings confusing.

"The notion that video games are played by teenagers tucked away in their bedrooms is past its sell-by-date," said head of brand for Currys Amanda Clift.

"Video gaming is now a mainstream form of family entertainment and we’ve seen a huge surge in the number of non-core gamers purchasing consoles and games."

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