We7.com allows users to listen to Sony BMG back-catalogue for free

Sony BMG launches free music site

In an effort to both tackle the dominance of iTunes and sway people away from illegal file-sharing, Sony BMG has launched a new music website that allows users to listen tracks for free.

We7.com allows users to access Sony BMG’s back-catalogue in its entirety, and all for free. How it differs from the likes of iTunes is that tracks are nor downloaded, and are instead streamed onto a user’s machine.

The off-shoot is that a short audio-ad is played before each track – so even if an album is listened to, ads will be played between each song.

The good news for the artists involved is that they will be paid for the music people listen to for free – something that cannot be said for file-sharing.

Featured artists include Dido, Primal Scream, Marc Bolan, Coolio as well as a number of unsigned artists.

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