Internet crime wave compromises key government and United Nations websites

Hackers strike UK and UN

Websites operated by the UK government and the United Nations have been infiltrated and compromised by hackers, and are now being used to spread vast quantities of malware.

The attacks are part of a much wider wave of criminal activity that has been apparent since January. In March it is estimated over 100,000 URLs became infected.

Though the domain is constantly in flux, it looks as though the perpetrators are located at a Chinese IP address.

"They’re using the same techniques as last month, of an SQL injection of some sort," said Dan Hubbard, vice president of security research at Websense. "It also looks like they’re using just the one [hosting] site, but changing the link within the JavaScript."

Once the malicious software is installed, its tries eight different ways to cause damage, including exploiting vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.

Link: Computer World

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