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AT&T claims the architecture of the internet will reach its limit by 2010

Internet close to full capacity

Telecommunications firm AT&T has warned that the internet will reach the capacity of its current network architecture by 2010 if it is not supported with investment.

The firm’s vice president of legislative affairs claimed that an increase in video and user generated content will be too much for the current infrastructure, at an eforum in London. He estimated that $130 billion would need to be spent worldwide.

"The surge in online content is at the centre of the most dramatic changes affecting the Internet today," he said, reported ZDNet. "In three years’ time, 20 typical households will generate more traffic than the entire Internet today. We are going to be butting up against the physical capacity of the Internet by 2010."

He also claimed that an ‘unprecedented new wave of broadband traffic’ would increase 50-fold by 2015

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