Manufacturer may be prosecuted for anti-trust charges in Europe

EU may take IBM to court

Reports have emerged that the European Union may be preparing an investigation into IBM, following anti-trust claims from rival mainframe firm PSI.

Regulators are apparently gathering information on the firm following the allegations by PSI, which has also made similar claims in the US against IBM.

PSI basically claims that IBM is dominating the market by not sharing information about its mainframe computers to rival firms.

Meanwhile, IBM has hit back in America by filing a patent infringement lawsuit against PSI.

"The case is progressing in both Europe and in the U.S," said IBM spokesman Fred McNeese, reported The Register. "IBM has spent great time and expense developing its technology and will defend its intellectual property rights vigorously. We also are confident that the Commission will protect IBM’s property rights and reject PSI’s claims. It is no violation of competition laws for IBM to rightfully seek to prevent PSI from selling a product built through the violation of IBM’s intellectual property rights."

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