Infamous director frozen out of World of Warcraft movie negotiations

Blizzard shows Uwe Boll the door

Blizzard categorically showed infamous games-to-movie director Uwe Boll the door when he approached it after he heard it was considering bringing its multi-million PC franchise to the big screen.

In an interview with MTV, Boll revealed that when he heard about Blizzard’s plans to make the franchise into a film, he approached the firm’s COO Paul Sams and was categorically told: "We will not sell the movie rights, not to you… especially not to you."

When asked what his feeling are he said that he makes movies for the masses, not gamers because: "To be honest, the real gamers are the typical download guys, right? They don’t pay anything for movies, because they illegally download the movies. So why I should please these guys?"

Source: The Inquirer

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