UK-based system integrator emerges stronger company

Vadim Computers completes reorganistaion

Vadim Computers has announced that has emerged a stronger company after it underwent a period of internal reorganisation after media reports that the company was on the brink of collapse spurred the firm into action.

Speaking to founder and namesake Vadim Chobanu,’s Scott Bicheno was told: "We started looking at the way we do business around six months ago. The thing is: when you start digging you uncover more things you want to improve.

"Business was pretty good when I first started thinking about this a year ago. Sales were good, but I wanted to make sure we would be around for the long-term and I could see that we might struggle in a few years without a restructure.

"When you grow beyond a certain size it gets harder to monitor internal processes and maintain the same level of quality control. Also, we do a lot of R&D and are always striving to improve our offering, but we had been so busy that we hadn’t had time to do a major over haul.

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