CEO Shen expects shortage to end by June

Asustek sees end to battery problems

Asustek has said that it expects the battery shortages that have plagued availability of its Eee PC to all but end this June, with chief executive Jerry Shen warning that it still has the potential to severely affect the company’s April and May sales.

Last month the vendor warned that the fire at LG Chem – the second largest manufacturer of batteries in South Korea and a major supplier for Asus – could severely affect second quarter shipments.

However, speaking to Reuters, Shen said: "Ninety percent of the battery problem should be resolved by June but it could still affect April and May Eee PC sales."

The firm has stood fast with its aim of shipping five million Eee PCs before the end of this year.

Shares rose 1.9 per cent on the news.

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