Mobile device open to malfunction and paralysis, as hole in its defences is revealed

Safari flaw leaves iPhone prone to attack

A vulnerability has been detected in the Safari web browser loaded on the iPhone version 1.1.4, which leaves it open to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

The gap in the phone’s defences, detected by Radware, means if a user opens a dodgy HTML page it could crash the entire browser, which in turn could result in malfunction and effective paralysis of the device itself.

As iTunes won’t allow file navigation, users are unable to fix the flaw themselves.

“While vendors are struggling to push new products and applications, it is evident that security still remains a secondary concern," said Itzik Kitler, Radware security operation centre manager. "Hackers continue to misappropriate other people’s software and their job is made easier by design flaws embedded into software products.”


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