Psystar casts doubt on whether Apple?s end-user licence agreement will hold up in court

OpenMac vendor vows to fight Apple

After being seemingly shut down after announcing its $399 OpenMac Apple Mac clone earlier this week, US vendor Psystar is back online – and is vowing to fight Apple for the right to sell its controversial PC.

The $399 OpenMac operates on Apple’s Leopard OS, directly contravening Apple’s end-user licence agreement, which forbids the use of its software on third party machines.

Speaking to InformationWeek, a Psystar spokesman stated: "What if Microsoft said you could only install Windows on Dell computers? What if Honda said that, after you buy their car, you could only drive it on the roads they said you could?

"We’re not breaking any laws. Apple is charging an 80 per cent markup on hardware.”

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