Specialist distributor looks to boost visibility with 'aggressive' growth planned for 2008

Target rebrands amongst structural shake-up

Target is looking to rejuvenate its image and its business with a new look, coinciding with its aggressive plans for growth this year as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The firm will be looking to strengthen its position in the UK channel with a number of new vendor partnerships, with other ‘surprises’ set to follow. Part of the structural changes that Target has put in place to facilitate this growth has been to appoint Randall Pevin as market development director.

"I have responsibility over sales, marketing and product management," he told PC Retail. "This will allow me to have an impact on vital areas of the business that are the foundation of controlled and healthy growth. We have aggressive growth plans moving forward.

"There will be a number of surprises coming from Target in the coming year. All of which will extend and solidify our position in the market and serve to enhance our role in the channel."

While on the surface it may seem a cosmetic makeover, the new logo and image reflects the deeper changes Target has planned for the year, and are designed to address what the firm sees as an imbalance of the its success in the market and its relatively low awareness from the rest of the channel.

"The consensus among our management team and partners was that our five-year-old brand did not represent the current state of the organisation, our plans for growth or our place in the IT distribution sector," continued Pevin. "Over the past several years our level of visibility has not reflected our actual place in the market.

"Our performance far exceeds the level of brand awareness that we enjoy in the marketplace. When you look at our revenue, our broad account base, our product mix, pricing, availability, customer support and our RMA performance, we should be better known. In brief, we will work tirelessly in the coming to year to better align our visibility with our consistently high performance."

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