London Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson sees campaign team taken out of action

Hackers attack Tory PCs

Days after Tory shadow home secretary David Davis called for tougher jail sentences for computer hackers, the party’s candidate for London Mayor Boris Johnson has seemingly suffered at the hands of cyber wrong-doers.

The Inquirer reports that Boris’ campaign team suffered a three-hour blackout after hackers targeted their PC network. The Telegraph quotes a source as saying that:

"A senior member of Mr Johnson’s team said that its headquarters 
in County Hall was the target last week for hackers who broke through a sophisticated computer firewall.

"’They brought the system down for three hours. The technicians said whoever did it was determined to get to us."

However, a spokesman for Johnson’s campaign office has now said today that the reports are incorrect, and that the technical problem was merely down to a network error.

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