Retailer promises to do for the laptop market what it did mobile phones

Carphone Warehouse looks to revolutionise laptop market

The Carphone Warehouse has made clear its aggressive intentions to crack the PC sector, telling PC Retail it intends to do for the laptop market what it did for mobile phones 20 years ago.

"It’s about using the same subsidy model that we did with mobile phones and applying that to laptops. We completely opened up the market for mobile phones 20 years ago and know we’re looking at what could be the next big thing, and we really think that could be laptops in terms of freeing up that market," said Natasha Schmidt, head of wireless at Carphone Warehouse. "Our aim is to try to do with the laptop market what we have done with mobile phones."

By offering laptops for free or for a reduced rate via a subscription broadband contract to anyone that wants one, the 800 Carphone Warehouse stores have the potential to revolutionise retailing in the sector as we know it.
In the meantime, a significant marketing campaign is currently being put together to support the firm’s laptop operation, which will roll out in the next few months.

"We’re absolutely going to be moving more into this area this year," continued Schmidt. "You’ll see in the next few months how we’re going to open that market. You can absolutely expect to see us grow. We would like to see everyone who wants a laptop to be able to get one and that’s what we always focus our business operations on."

The news emerged after analysts suggested that the retailer could threaten the revenue of DSGi and Comet.

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