Emerging markets cited amongst reasons the leading chip maker will ride out economic turmoil

Intel unconcerned by US recession

Following the news that rival chip maker AMD is to cut staff numbers due to ‘uncertain market conditions, Intel has said that the nature of its business will ensure that it isn’t affected too dramatically by any recession in the US economy.

In response to BBC News’ users questions, Intel chief executive Paul Otellini said: "People turn to computers to improve productivity during downturn, because at the end of the day the computer is a tool for productivity."

He also claims the firm’s strength in emerging markets will hold it in good stead whatever economic strife affects the US. "Much of our sales growth has have been in emerging markets – India, China and Eastern Europe – and I don’t see them going into recession."

As well as ruminating on the benefits of being able to speak with a computer in the future, Otellini also speculated on how we will use the internet in the future.

"Your automobiles, your phones, your home heating will all be connected to the web, not just to get access to information but to become much more efficient,” he said.

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