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June 30th deadline extended till 2010 but only for sub-notebooks

Microsoft confirms extension of XP deadline

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be extending the sales of licenses for Windows XP Home until June 30th 2010, but only to vendors of sub-notebooks, as initially reported by PC Retail earlier this week.

The firm said that the move had been prompted by how fast the category had grown. "The category is interesting and growing in interesting ways, so we want to help lead it and shape it," said Windows client director, Kevin Kutz.

"We got feedback from partners that customers wanted Windows on these devices. They wanted the familiarity and the access to the Windows ecosystem."

Kutz’s comments are backed up by Asustek’s president’s recent comments that he expected the Windows version of the Eee PC to outsell the Linux model 3-2 during 2008.

Source: ComputerWorld

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