As EA drops Madden on the PC, do you think publishers overlook the platform?

HAVE YOUR SAY: Is PC gaming being shunned?

Following the announcement that there would be no PC version of Madden 09, EA Sports president Peter Moore has taken the time to defend the publisher’s actions on his blog.

Apparently, the popularity of sports titles on consoles has meant that as a platform, the PC ‘presents some very serious business challenges’ to EA, but admits that the decision not to bring out this year’s version of the American football title on the PC was ‘unpopular.’

Moore has, however, vaguely assured gamers that it has some ‘ideas’ on how to revitalise the platform.

Armed with typical melodramatic fervour, certain vocal members of the PC gaming community clearly took Moore’s comments very personally indeed.

“If this is the case, I will never buy another EA product as long as I am a gamer," furiously posted one reader. "I will also spread the word as much as I can to everyone I’m in contact with in PC circles. People I work with who are casual gamers ask me for advice on a lot of things related to gaming. Do you think I’m gonna put in a good word for EA products? NOPE. On the contrary, I will do my best to dissuade them from buying anything EA.”

Do you think the PC as a gaming platform gets the attention it deserves from games publishers? Is there a danger that gaming could decline on the PC? What would this mean to the trade?

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