Emails emerge linking retailer to case long before Intel allegedly twisted Microsoft's arm over 915 chipsets

Best Buy implicated in Vista Capable debacle

Following on from allegations that Intel had pressured Microsoft into allow machines that were not capable of running all of Vista’s features, it has emerged that it may not have been the vendor, but rather Best Buy that caused the confusion.

The evidence emerged when US site CRN uncovered emails between Microsoft and Best Buy during the official investigation into the confusion.

The emails, which occurred long before the supposed arm-twisting of Intel over its large remaining stocks of the WDDM-incompatible 915 chipsets, show Best Buy’s marketing director Rajesh Srinivasan giving the thumbs up to Microsoft’s Vista product manager Shanen Boettcher over the two tier system.

Emails show that Srinivasan understood the implications of the move, but said in one to Boettcher that: "Best Buy validates your two tier approach."

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