An analyst has warned that PC and Mac users are finding Linux difficult to adapt to, something that may end up harming sales.

PC users finding Linux difficult to adapt to

Commenting on the announcement that Intel would be bringing its second generation of low-cost Classmate sub-notebook to Europe and the US, Rob Enderle, an analyst with the Enderle Group.

He added that he expects any iteration of Intel’s Classmate sub-notebook that launches in Europe or the US to come with Windows XP.

Intel has high hopes for the performance of any Classmate-version that would launch in the US and Europe; analysts agree. "This is a very big deal," said the Yankee Group’s Laura Didio.

Enderle added: "Particularly in a recession year, quality low-cost products are going to move well."

Enderle’s comments come less than ten days after Wal-Mart pulled the plug on selling Linux-based PCs in its stores, with a spokeswoman for the firm telling press "it wasn’t what our customers wanted."

Source: Reuters

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