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Firm describes move as "a good opportunity for our partners"

Microsoft to offer direct sale referrals

Microsoft is moving to quell the growing unhappiness around direct sales by offering referral fees to any businesses that send customers its way.

The scheme is in reaction to the significant concern that emerged after the company first announced its ‘co-opetition’ strategy last year.

Microsoft traditionally only sold direct to corporate customers. However, the move signalled its intentions to target businesses of all sizes, worrying many resellers that the firm may steal business.

Seeking to reassure its 32,000 reseller partners, Microsoft’s director of partner strategy, Claire Barclay (pictured) said, speaking to the Inquirer‘s Mike Ballard: "We think the investments we are making here are building a good foundation for partners to build new opportunities for themselves.

"We are working through the details, [but] in the same way they can make margin today, they can resell [our] services and continue to build that relationship with the customer."

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