Security experts warns hackers are increasingly turning their attention to Apple's operating system

Report warns on OS X vulnerability

Mac security experts Mac Forensics Lab has published a whitepaper detailing the threat currently posed by malware, viruses, worms and Trojans to OS X.

It warns that the current perception among Mac users that their machines are invulnerable is extremely dangerous; especially as criminals beginning to take note of Apple’s growing market share.

It highlights evidence that hackers are already testing the strength of OS X.

It comes after many years of analysts warning that the only reason Windows is seen as vulnerable as it is because of the sheer resources targeted at ‘breaking’ it, and that as Apple’s market share rose, some of those resources would inevitably turn to its ‘invunerable’ operating system.

It’s a point echoed by many security experts in this PC Retail’s security feature, out this month and now available on the site.

"There are still those who claim that Mac users are smarter than Windows users and won’t be fooled by social engineering tactics, like those seen frequently with Storm Worm outbreaks," argues ESET’s managing director Brook.

"Mac users who believe that their systems are so intrinsically secure out of the box that they don’t need to know or to do anything about security are THE most at risk of malware and viruses."

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