CeBIT 08: Chip maker showcases the AMD 780 series

AMD reveals ?most advanced motherboard GPU?

AMD launched what it is calling the most advanced motherboard GPU at CeBIT, aimed at the casual PC gamer and multimedia users.

The AMD 780 series is designed to be at the centre of more energy efficient systems, and is scheduled to be available through over 40 AMD partners at launch, while OEMs are expected to start shipping PCs based on the motherboard GPUs in Q2 2008.

The product will form the core of the forthcoming AMD desktop platform codenamed Cartwheel, an the notebook PC platform codenamed Puma – both of which will arrive in Q2 this year.

“The launch of the AMD 780 Series marks an uncommonly large step forward in mainstream PC capabilities. Starting today, consumers can attain superior HD video and casual 3D gaming experiences, as well as remarkable energy efficiency,” said Phil Eisler, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD Chipset Division. “The release of the AMD 780 Series is in keeping with the AMD vision that computing can deliver The Ultimate Visual Experience and now at mainstream PC price points.”

AMD also used CeBIt to show off the capabilities of its 45nm quad-core chips, as they ran multiple operating systems and various resource-hungry programmes. The chip maker is planning on making available the first 45nm products later this year.

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