Research shows many IT professionals are disgruntled with being the household breadwinner ? are you?

IT pros frustrated with partner’s pay

According to a study carried out by recruitment and management firm Hudson, two thirds of IT professionals believe their partner’s pay packet is not sufficient.

Of those surveyed, 64.2 per cent of men and 75.5 per cent of women working as IT professionals voiced concern that their they were taking on the bulk of the financial strain, while a mere 7.9 per cent said they don’t think about it.

Bizarrely, the study also revealed that 13.8 per cent of men in IT wished their partner were earning less.

“It’s natural to be concerned about money, particularly in the current economic climate,” said Luke Archer, director at Hudson. “However, most IT would readily admit there is much more to job satisfaction than their salary. Pay is often a big motivator when choosing a job, but the challenge offered by a role, the culture of an organisation, and opportunities for training and progression are often the factors that contribute most to happiness or force workers to head for the door. Ironically, the happier you are in a job, the better your performance will be and, ultimately, the more you’ll be rewarded financially.”

As an IT professional, do you think you are bearing the brunt of the financial strain in your household? Email us with your thoughts.

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