Dixon.co.uk reports an increase of 150 per cent for player after Toshiba withdraws HD DVD

Blu-ray experiences surge in online demand

DSGi has said that it’s online retailer, Dixons.co.uk saw a massive surge in interest in Blu-ray players after the announcement that Toshiba would be ceasing production of its HD DVD format.

Speaking about the surge in searches for Blu-ray players, an increase of 150 per cent, Dixon.co.uk’s managing director, deVere Forster said: "This is good news for consumers as the availability of a single format will allow consumers to purchase the high definition Blu-Ray format DVD player with every confidence and enjoy all the benefits that this fantastic format has to offer.

"Now that the winning format is clear, Dixons.co.uk’s aim is to have the UK’s widest selection of Blu Ray players available for customers soon," Forster added.

The retailer has since withdrawn all HD DVD players from sales.

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