Leading anti-virus firm teams up with charity to make ?net a safer place for kids

Symantec takes on internet safety battle

Symantec, the software house behind internet security software Norton, has teamed up with charity Childnet International to launch a number of initiatives to promote the safety of children using the web.

Childnet International already partners with many government bodies and companies across a variety of industries and has previously produced an award winning CD-ROM aimed at educating parents about net safety.

“As a leader in online security, we are at the forefront of many developments in technology and we use this expertise to provide solutions to secure internet interactions for our customers,” Symantec’s internet security advocate Caroline Cockerill stated.

“We believe that as a market leader, it is also our duty to help educate both parents and children about how to keep safe online, which includes best practice guidelines outside of technology solutions. The internet is a wonderful and rich resource and environment for children to learn and explore, yet many parents feel that they do not have the knowledge or experience to keep their children safe online.

“Our work with Childnet aims to provide useful resources and advice to parents and carers in a plain-speaking and useful format. We are delighted to be working with Childnet International in the UK.”

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