Worldwide scheme will see three tiers of retail partnerships

Informatica launches new partner programme

Software provider Informatica is to launch a new worldwide retail partner programme, named Inform, which will replace its existing Alliance programme, Channelweb reports.

The new scheme will include three tiers of partners – Foundation, Elite and Global. Users will have access to a new partner portal and Informatica’s direct sales team.

"We have a fairly small direct sales force and we absolutely need partners to penetrate the global market,” Informatica’s senior vice president for worldwide alliances Harry Gould stated.

“Inform is not really about recruiting more partners, we want to provide more value to the partners that we have, although we would welcome new partners.

"We realised that not all partners are created equal. There are partners that want to dip their toe in the water and we welcome them, but we also want partners that will jump right in.

"We see ourselves as the Switzerland of data integration firms – we provide that neutrality that no other company can provide in the data integration market."

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