Resellers and distributors should cross reference previous orders to root out suspicious purchases

Channel warned about rising ID theft

Identity theft is on the rise within the UK IT channel, KPMG’s latest figures on fraud have warned, with it highlighting that it reached £1 billion last year, the highest since 1995.

The figures, revealed today by the analyst’s Forensic Fraud Barometer, show that although the total number of fraud cases that reached court fell to 197, down from the high of 277 in 2006, the value per case was increasing.

It also highlighted that identity scams were on the up with channel insiders warning resellers and distributors to maintain a close view on what is being ordered by who.

"In the channel there is not really a problem with credit or debit card fraud, it’s more the identity theft that is the problem," commented Eddie Pacey, director of credit at distributor Bell Micro.

"People are setting up customer accounts with resellers, ordering goods, receiving them and then disappearing without paying," he added.

Pacey suggested that they look with suspicion an order of laptops and hard drives when all previous orders have only been for security software as an example.

"Resellers need to become more wary and organised in their processes," warned Pacey. "Most orders are placed electronically or over the phone and are not checked twice."

Source: CRN

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