Vendors' fight over 'size-0' laptops likely to benefit retailers

Bosnjak ? ‘Sony and Apple engaged in fierce battle’

Retailers can expect increased marketing and promotion activity as Apple and Sony step up their ‘fierce battle’ to win control of the next-generation of super-thin laptop computers, according to Aleksandra Bosnjak, lead analyst at StrategyEye Digital Media.

According to Bosnjak, both companies are attempting to create what she described as ‘size-zero catwalk computers’.

She highlighted the recent launch of the MacBook Air by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and stated that it shows insight into how Apple is positioning itself in the upcoming battle.

The price was a key issue, with Bosnjak suggesting that Apple’s lower price tag would help it significantly when it comes to competing with Sony’s similar offerings.

"We are predicting some fierce rivalry between these two companies in 2008," she said. "The Leopard operating software it uses is superior to Windows Vista, enabling people to remotely search for files on all computers connected to their network.

"Leopard is a simple tool to manage rich multimedia applications and provides an easier stream of content. But it remains to be seen how quickly it will be adopted by consumers, because the more Microsoft and Apple change, the more they stay the same," she added.

She added that she expects consumers to ‘tolerate’ the lack of an optical drive and solitary USB port.

Source: VNUnet

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