Research conducted by Keynote systems over Christmas into availability and responsiveness

Tesco and DSGi do well online

Tesco, DSGi, Play and Asda were all found to be among the top websites to use for responsiveness and reliability over the Christmas period, according to a study by Keynote Systems.

The study conducted an investigation into online service levels of 16 leading UK retailers over the period of a month, between December 7th 2007 and January 7th 2008.

Among the firms analysed include Argos, Amazon, HMV, John Lewis, Tesco Direct and Woolworths.

However, the store that performed best was the BBC’s online shop with availability throughout the period remaining at a massive 99.9 per cent. Play also managed to maintain an impressive 99.6 per cent availability.

In terms of website responsiveness, Argos came out on top, with the average page taking just 0.74 of a second to load. John Lewis, who came second had an average of 1.04 seconds per page.

Tesco Direct performed best overall, with the site coming fourth in both the responsiveness and availability tests.

The over all results were:


1 BBC Shop


3 Pixmania

4 Tesco Direct


6 Comet

Overall responsiveness

1 Argos

2 John Lewis

3 Next

4 Tesco Direct

5 Woolworths

Source: Computer Weekly

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