Distributor announces plans to go on European acquisition spree

Bell Micro dismisses buyout rumours

Speaking on the 20th anniversary of the distributor, Bell Micro’s chief executive, Don Bell brushed aside rumours of a buyout and brashly stated that the company would be embarking on an acquisition spree of its own this year.

"We have made major strides globally. North America is going well, as is Europe. Our European operation has been getting a lot of recognition for its efforts. The team we have in place over here means I am really optimistic about the company," enthused Bell.

"I think that we had an outstanding performance in 2007 and we are projecting conservatively for 2008, but overall it has been another significant improvement."

"We are doing better than we ever have and this [the accounting situation] is the only negative thing we can say about the company. I hope to draw a line under it all very soon," he added, brushing aside any suggestion that Bell Micro was a target for takeover.

Speaking about the company’s plans to launch its own acquisition spree, Bell said: "Our main acquisition programme will be here in Europe – not only in the UK but also on the continent. Particularly on the enterprise side of the business."

"We want to keep our focus on key areas such as storage and server solutions," he added.

Source: CRN

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