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IDC and Ovum warn lack of certified software could hinder adoption

Windows Server 2008 uptake expected to be slow

Uptake of Windows Server 2008 could be slower than expected, with many waiting business expected to wait for the first service pack following problems with Windows Vista, according to market research firm IDC.

Chris Ingle from IDC has warned one of the biggest issues facing businesses looking to upgrade is the need to keep business critical servers on a supported version of Windows, as well as the limited number of certified products for the new software.

It follows research by Computer Weekly that many of the most widely used enterprise applications have not been certified to run on Windows Server 2008.

And analysts have warned that certification could take some time. Carl Greiner, senior vice president at Ovum said: "Testing applications is a slow process. First, enterprise applications will have to be certified to run on Windows Server 2008, and then users will have to evaluate their own IT environment."

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