Professional digital media production solutions provider backs Blu-ray

Sonic Solutions drops HD-DVD

Sonic Solutions has announced that it will be dropping its support for HD DVD and refocusing its research and development on Blu-ray.

The professional digital media production solutions provider has said that it will be refocusing its budget on Blu-ray to take advantage of the opportunity the format affords.

Speaking about the move, Sonic Solution’s president and CEO, Dave Habiger said: "Extending Sonic’s long history of commitment and support for the professional sector, we are aligning our professional product portfolio to address the evolving needs of our high-end customers."

"Our Professional Products Group plays a significant role in supporting the development of high-definition formats, including the contribution of core IP to HD DVD and Blu-ray disc joint portfolio licenses.

Going forward, the group will direct its considerable format expertise on helping our professional customers fulfil the richly interactive promise of Blu-ray disc including BD-Live, and aligning with a broader company strategy to enable the secure and efficient digital-distribution of video entertainment."

Echoing his sentiments, Rolf Hartley, senior vice president and general manager of Sonic’s Professional Products Group said: "Our professional authoring customers are actively engaged with expanding their services in advanced interactive and online content creation.

"With a focus on Blu-ray disc, we’re able to meet this demand with new technologies and applications that leverage the growing-capabilities of the robust BD format to deliver dynamic entertainment experiences that consumers not only want, but have also come to expect from today’s connected-content platforms."

It will conclude sales of its Scenarist HD DVD authoring product line as a result of its decision to drop support for the format. It has announced that it will be offering those who have purchased the software the opportunity to exchange their HD DVD authoring system.

The group also stressed that it is not ending its support for the software for those that decide not to take up the offer, and will continue to support it fully.

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