Retailers and vendors meet to discuss ways of reducing energy consumption

Standby energy waste under fire

The British Retail Consortium and major retailers have launched discussions aimed at phasing out energy-intensive consumer electronics.

Among the major retailers discussing methods of reducing energy use are Asda, DSGi and Tesco; leading consumer electronics vendors including Alba, Humax, JVC, Pace and Sony are also taking part.

All are looking at ways of reducing the power consumption of devices while in standby mode.

The discussions have been backed by the UK’s minister for climate change, Joan Ruddock: "In 2006, consumer electronics used 15 per cent of the UK’s total domestic electricity consumption.

"If we do nothing, that could double by 2020. But switching to more efficient products, and taking the least efficient products off our shelves, will cut CO2 emissions and save people money," she added.

"We need to start the switch off for inefficient electronics. We want to work with everyone involved in producing and selling these products to make them more efficient, and I am pleased that the major manufacturers have joined the ambitious work programme to look at what can be done – which is starting by looking at set-top boxes and standby levels."

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