DDR3 rushed to market as DDR2 prices fall

DDR3 demand to increase

The next generation of dynamic RAM (DRAM), also known as DDR3, will start to find its place in the majority of PCs by the third quarter, according to DRAM executives.

Inotera Memories started production of 1Gigabit DDR3 DRAM this year, and is planning mass production for the third quarter.

"There is already demand for DDR3, and it will increase as the year goes on," said Charles Kau, president of Inotera Memories, during a news conference in Kuei Shan, Taiwan.

DRAM makers have recently been suffering from falling prices of DDR2 chips, with many expecting to post a fourth quarter loss, and it’s because of this that there is urgency in getting DDR3 to the market.

Some companies are already shipping DDR3 memory. However, only a few PCs are being produced with them.

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