HMV claims there?s still demand for HD DVD, as Toshiba switches market strategy

Still demand for HD DVD

Gennaro Castaldo, spokesman for HMV, told PC Retail this morning that although most of Hollywood is supporting Blu-ray consumer support is not so obvious.

“Blu-ray is performing better than HD DVD,” said Castaldo. “This is a combination of more Blu-ray DVDs than HD DVDs and the recent success of the Playstation 3, which has put Blu-ray players in homes across the country. Nevertheless, until our consumers make a clear choice, HMV will continue to support both formats.

“Blu-ray has the momentum, but there is still demand for both formats, and we won’t force a choice on our customers.”

In related news, Toshiba has been marketing their HD DVD players as ideal replacements for traditional DVD devices, as they can upscale current DVDs, whereas some analysts believe HD DVDs may have a future in the storage market, with PC vendors using them in their computers.

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