Stringer says he will never hang out 'Mission Accomplished' banner

CES: Sony refuses to call victory

Howard Stringer has refused to claim victory in the battle between high definition formats, despite commentators suggesting the move by Warner Bros, which has chosen Blu-ray, has all but ended HD DVD’s hopes of victory.

Speaking at CES, Sony’s chairman told the press: "I never put up banners that say ‘Mission Accomplished’."

Commenting on Warner’s move, he said: "We have to take their statements at face value, that they acted in the best interests of the consumer."

He also talked about Sony’s recent move into OLED, something some have questioned as jumping the gun, he said that the iPod was a warning to any company sitting on the fence with new technologies.

"We were late to market in LCD TV and MP3 players. It’s a risk," he admitted, "but Blu-ray was a risk. You have to take risks if you’re going to be innovative."

He hailed OLED as the technology that signified the future direction of the company.

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