Vendor plans to push new wireless technology with a series of consumer friendly products

CES: Asustek lifts lid on WiMax notebooks

Asustek Computer is set to use WiMax technology in its mainstream and performance level notebooks and low cost PCs.

These products include the VX2, V1, UMPC R50A, F88 and U6 notebooks. The big product to feature the technology, however, is the next generation Eee PC, which is due for launch in the second quarter.

The devices are to be launched initially in the US, and Asusteks predicts 20 per cent of notebook users will use WiMax technology before the end of 2009.

This reflects comments made to Reuters by Dan Eldar, the head of Intel’s design centre in Israel where the WiMax technology was being developed. "In a year or two, we will see WiMax in many metro zones and areas of heavy demand," he said.

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