High Street book retailer to trial Tribeka's On Demand software solution

Borders enters software retail

Borders Books has entered the UK PC software sector with the launch of a trial at its UK flagship store in London’s Oxford Street on February 4th.

Branded On Demand, the retailer’s entry into the sector will use Tribeka’s SoftWide technology, allowing the chain to offer 1,500 titles during the trial without having to change the stores layout.

Borders has signed agreements with 225 software publishers including the BBC, Dorling Kindersley, Lego, McAfee, Sage, and Britannica. Customers will be able to browse the catalogue of available titles via their computer terminals or in print form.

A spokeswoman for Borders told PC Retail that it would offer a range of PC security and reference software initially, but would look to expand that to possibly include chart games, music and DVDs if the trial was successful.

Tribeka’s SoftWide technology allows customers to order software and have it burned onto a disc within three minutes.

The system automatically obtains a software licence, burns the program to disk, prints out the cover and manuals providing customers with a product exactly the same as they might find on a retailer’s shelf.

David Kohn, commercial director of Borders, said: “We are excited to be associated with this ground-breaking initiative. As well as CD-Rom and DVD-Rom, the technology is designed to work with standard CD and DVD formats.

"We believe it could transform radically both the experience and the economics of retailing entertainment product in store. We are already working with publishers on how we can extend the offer to include spoken word, and believe there is a great opportunity to breathe life back into this market."

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