US technology retailer to rebrand its 14 stores in deal worth $30 million

Tiger Direct buys CompUSA brand and 16 stores

US retail group Systemax, which owns Tiger Direct, has bought 16 CompUSA stores in a deal worth $30 million.

The deal will see firm buy 16 of the chain’s stores, along with other select assets including the CompUSA brand. It will also rebrand its 11 existing Tiger Direct stores under the CompUSA brand.

Systemax’s CEO, Gilbert Fiorention added that the three Tiger Direct stores that are currently under construction would also be branded under the CompUSA name.

"We know CompUSA did some things wrong, but we are fixing what was broken about CompUSA," said Fiorentino acknowledging that CompUSA’s reputation had been tarnished by poor customer service and staffing problems.

He was, however, positive that Tiger Direct’s staff could reverse that trend. "The CompUSA brand may be a bit tarnished, but it’s a household brand. TigerDirect knows how to do customer service. You’re going to see a completely new CompUSA," he said.

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