Security concerns likely to see firms phase out XP as support deadline looms

One-third of firms to migrate to Vista in 2008

Windows XP is likely to be phased out by one-third of corporate users as they begin to migrate across to Vista, a report by analyst firm Forrester Research has predicted.

The move, which it suggested will be spurred on by the end of support for XP next April, is likely to see large scale upgrades of equipment as business move to the new operating system.

Benjamin Gray, an analyst at Forrester said: "Many will move to Windows Vista to avoid past mistakes, or simply because they do not want to go down the path of supporting a system that does not receive security patches on a regular basis."

Until now, the majority of business users holding off on upgrading have cited incompatibility fears as the biggest barrier to upgrading to Vista, however, Gray suggested that security fears were likely to outweigh any other concerns firms may have about the software.

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