Desktops outsold in consumer market but businesses are still to make the switch to notebooks

Consumers prefer laptops

In the US consumer market, notebooks outsold desktops for the first time by the end of 2007. Businesses are less quick on the uptake, however, and desktops are slightly ahead in the overall PC market.

According to IDC, notebook sales rose 21 per cent to 31.6 million during 2007, whereas desktop sales dipped 4 per cent to 35 million units. The rise of the notebook was also apparent in Amazon’s holiday sales statistics, with 16 of the online retailer’s top selling PCs being of the portable variety.

The movement from desktop to laptop has been widely predicted, courtesy of falling prices and a step up in advertisement. It has been predicted that notebooks will continue to dominate, with them expected to reach 66 per cent in total PC market share by 2011.

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