Post-Christmas sales have also risen by 14 per cent on the US high street

US internet retailers see 19 per cent rise

Sales in the US from internet retailers rose 19 per cent between November 1st and December 27th compared to the same period in 2006, according to online information group comScore.

The group stated that sales, excluding travel and auctions, came in at just under $28 billion (£14 billion). However, the rise of 19 per cent is down on the rise of 26 per cent enjoyed in 2006.

"Warm weather during the early part of November took its toll on online retail sales, and played a role in holding down the growth in spending over the entire holiday season," said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni. "However, if we look at the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we see online spending growing at a healthier 21 per cent rate, which I think is encouraging given the economic challenges facing consumers."

In other US retail news, it was revealed yesterday by ShopperTrak RCT that retail sales rose 14 per cent during the last full week in December.

Commenting on the figure, ShopperTrack co-founder, Bill Martin said: "In the days immediately following Christmas consumers flocked to stores to take advantage of post-Christmas sales and to begin redeeming gift cards, which was definitely a welcome sight for retailers this season."

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