Acer chairman claims new Chinese labour laws are a more pressing concern

Credit crunch won’t impact PC industry

Acer chairman JT Wang told Digitimes this morning that, despite recent economic concerns, the PC industry is still going to see growth in 2008.

Wang claims that the US mortgage crisis will not impact the worldwide economy as much as people think, and that the PC industry is still expected to grow up to 30 per cent next year.

However, he did stress that the entire IT industry will need to be ready for the impact from changing labour laws in China. The new laws, which come into effect in January, could increase the cost of labour by 20 per cent and will decrease pre-tax profits for notebook makers by up to ten per cent.

Wang also insisted that as China is a major production base for the global PC industry, that the problem will affect everyone.

The new laws have already forced some makers abroad, yet Wang believes they could have a positive effect, with an easing of the vicious price competition that occurs throughout the market.

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