Wal-Mart only Linux PC to drop below $100

$99 PC to launch in 2008

Everex, the company behind the $198 PC, are to offer a sub-$100 PC and a sub $300 15.4-inch notebook in the first quarter of 2008. Both run on a variant of Gentoo Linux and are based on a Via C7 chip.

The vendor is able to offer the cut-price computers by working with new start up Zonbu. The MSRP of the laptop is $479, however, Zonbu is offering to subsidize it to $279 or $99 for the desktop. In order to achieve this subsidy consumers must pay $14.95 a month for Zonbu’s services of remote storage, internet backup, OS updates and tech support.

As reported earlier in the month, Everex’s sub $200 PC sold out in minutes, so expect this new offer to be snapped up just as quickly. Both devices come with 1.5GHz Via C7-M ULV CPU, a 60GB HD, 512MB DRAM and a 4GB or 8GB flash drive.

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