Newly-formed studio to offer unique, downloadable MMO

Guevara lifts lid on new MMORTS

Guevara Studios, a Canadian and UK based computer game company, has revealed its unique new massive multiplayer online real time strategy, Defacto War: Commander In Chief.

The game is to be set in a virtual, present day America, with gamers trying to maintain peace and democracy, based on economic, social and political stability. Gamers will only need to go to war in order to maintain this stability. The title will be available as a free download, with gamers having to pay for the virtual land they inhabit.

Interestingly, for as little as £10, gamers can "pre-book" land already, however, with the game not due for release until December 2008, and with no screenshots available, it will be difficult to imagine gamers parting with their cash until something more substantial is revealed.

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